Siliconized graphite SG-P

Siliconized graphite is obtained as a result of high-temperature processing of artificial graphite products with molten silicon. Siliconized graphite consists of an unusually hard skeleton of silicon carbide and free graphite. This combination provides a set of valuable physical and chemical properties – unusually high heat resistance and heat resistance, resistance to multiple heat changes and aggressive media, high antifriction properties. The wear resistance of products made of siliconized graphite is 5-10 times higher than that of similar products made of non-siliconized graphite, suitable for work in concentrated boiling acids and solutions of alkalis and salts.

The grade of siliconized graphite is determined by the original type of graphite material subjected to siliconization.

This material is excellent for the manufacture of rings and bushings for mechanical seals, and for other types of similar devices.

Physical and mechanical properties

Siliconized graphite gradeSG-MSG-PSG-T

Density, g/cm3
2,25 – 2,4 2,4 – 2,5 2,5 – 2,7
Tensile strength, MPa
in stretching 30 – 4060 40 – 50
in compression 130 – 160420 – 450 300 – 320
in bend 70-90100 – 120 90-110
Impact strength, J cm3 29,56 40,8 29,56
Hardness, HRC 40-50 50-70 65-78
Thermal conductivity, W / (M * °C)120130-150
Temperature coefficient of linear expansion at 20-100°С а*106*°С-24,24,24,6
Phases content, %:
silicon carbide 30 50-70 50
free silicon 10-15 5-10 25
free carbonrestrestrest