About us

We are a team of professionals in our field.

We specialize in the manufacture and supply of friction pairs (rings / bushings) for mechanical seals made of silicon carbide materials, siliconized graphite (SG-P, etc.), antifriction graphite (AG1500, AG1500-CO5, etc.) and other materials; supply of repair kits (spare parts) for seals, as well as solving various issues in the field of mechanical engineering and woodworking.

We carry out the following works:

  • manufacturing of friction pairs for mechanical seals of various types and normals (T, TM, ONK, ONP, BO, DNA, DNT, DN, etc.), bushings and plain bearing shells from various wear-resistant, superhard materials and ceramics (SG-M, SG-P, SG-T, silicon carbide SIC, etc.), hard alloys (VN-20, VN-20GR, VK8, etc.), as well as soft wear-resistant materials based on graphite (AG1500-CO5, B83 and others);

  • production of split three-segment sealing rings for machines with operating temperatures up to 500 ºС;

  • manufacturing of sets of equipment for controlling the flatness of the working surface of friction pairs by the interference method;

  • repair of mechanical seals;

  • sharpening of band saws for metal with variable and constant tooth pitch, complex supply of saws;

  • development of advanced technologies for machining and assembly of products, especially for small businesses.

  • diagnostics and adjustment of woodworking equipment;

  • restoration of cutting properties of all types of woodworking tools, repair, balancing, adjustment of its prefabricated structures.

Our experts have many years of experience in the field of pumping and compressor equipment of domestic and foreign production (repair, diagnostics), as well as in the supply of spare parts for it (friction pairs, rubber goods, spare parts, etc.), modernization of its components and assemblies.
Over the years of the company’s work, we have tested and selected the best materials that can be used in the units of sealing technology.
The equipment used at the enterprise and the special technical solutions introduced in the production make it possible to obtain high quality products.

We hope that in the person of our organization you can find a reliable and permanent partner who can professionally solve the existing problems in the machine-building industry.

It is very easy to find us

Ukraine, Sumy, I. Sirko st., 10

   +38 0542 60-42-42
  +38 067 266-12-12

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