Friction pairs for mechanical seals

“NPP” Trident “manufactures friction pairs (rings, bushings) for mechanical seals from various wear-resistant materials:

silicon carbide (SiC);

siliconized graphite: SG-M, SG-P, SG-T;

antifriction graphite: AG-1500, AG1500-CO5, AG1500-B83.

– other types of materials.

Plain bearings (rings, bushings) are manufactured for mechanical seals of domestic and foreign pumps. Our production facilities allow us to manufacture rings and bushings in various sizes and configurations.

The reliability of the seal also largely depends on the quality of the working surfaces of the friction pairs, the properties and characteristics of the material, which ensure operation with the lowest coefficient of friction.

The high qualification of our specialists, many years of experience in working with difficult-to-process materials, technological reliability and quality control are deservedly respected.

We manufacture rings and bushings for almost any configuration.

We guarantee that the products comply with all the requirements of the drawing and other technical regulations and standards for this type of product.

To order products you need:

1) send to our contacts a drawing (sketch) of the ring (bushing) or a full-scale sample (if the sketch is impossible by the customer). Sometimes it is possible to simply indicate the exact number of the drawing (if available in the enterprise database).

2) specify the material and the required number of parts.

It will be good if the customer specifies the working conditions of the seal: temperature, working medium, shaft speed, pressure.